Cumbria Youth Council`s Make Your Mark Campaign 2017

John Macillwraith Corporate Director for Children and Families Services created a video challenge to the young people earlier this year.  

Youth Councillor Jessica Ford-Powell was chosen as the person to respond back on behalf of the Youth Councils, as she personally secured 1,093 Make Your Mark (MYM) votes and is a British Youth Council Make Your Mark Star Performer, along with Lucia Harrington who secured 1000 votes. 

Here is Jessís video response which includes the total number of Cumbrian young people who voted and the top 3 Make Your Mark issues for young people in Cumbria (Transport, Mental Health, and a Curriculum to Prepare for Life)

In the video response, Jess explains that 18,700 Cumbrian young people participated  in MYM 2017, equating to 59% student participation County wide.  With 89% of Cumbrian secondary school also choosing to participate this year, both the County Council staff team responsible and the team of young volunteers are particularly proud of what has been the best ever MYM results in Cumbria yet.

To find out more about how you can support the 2018 MYM Youth Ballot or introduce a young person to one of Cumbria's 6 Youth Councils, please contact the following County Council Youth Participation officers:

For South Cumbria email

For West Cumbria email

For North Cumbria email


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