LSCB Shadow Board Blog - SCR Neglect Conference

Hi, we are Anne and Kerry, members of the LSCB Shadow Board.

We were really excited and nervous to be invited to attend the Neglect Conference; to do a presentation about the LSCB Shadow Board and the Neglect Forum we ran last summer.  Our forum was called 'What does neglect mean to young people?'

The LSCB Shadow Board is a board run by young people aged 11-19 from across Cumbria, who want to keep children and young people safe.  The goal of the shadow board is to get the voice of young people who aren't often heard and develop projects to keep young people safe in Cumbria.  We arrange, design and carry out forums for young people from across Cumbria allowing young people to put forward their views.  We also work with the Local Safeguarding Children's Board to choose the forum projects and to make sure everyone is working together to keep young people safe.

"What does Neglect mean to young people?" was the first forum that was designed and run completely by the Shadow Board.  The aim of the forum was to improve people's concept of what neglect is to raise awareness in schools and colleges across Cumbria.

The forum allowed us to build a picture about what young people in Cumbria think neglect is and the impact it has on young people experiencing it. "If you are neglected you don't feel loved". "Unseen, unheard, unwanted".  "Not being able to socialise".  "Missing out on education".  "No access to healthcare".  "Not being able to wash your clothes/have a shower or brush your teeth".  "Bad temper" and "Not having boundaries".  Our recommendations were to raise awareness of neglect to other children and young people; adults working with them, parents and carers in order to combat neglect throughout Cumbria.

The feelings that the young people had about neglect and what they thought it was have been used to inform the neglect strategy that was launched at the conference.

We hope the presentation helped people at the conference see neglect from a young person's perspective.  Although, we were both nervous and slighted scared, we both had lots of fun and it was a brilliant opportunity to share our views in more detail.

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