Parental Mental Health

This workshop is intended for all professionals working with children who wish to improve their knowledge of parental mental health and the impact on the child.

Aims of the course

To consider the impact that parental mental health problems can have on the development, safety and welfare of dependent children and on the parent's or carer's ability to meet the child's needs.

To consider multi-agency responses to safeguarding children whose parents have mental health problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the nature and impact that different types of parental mental health problems can have on children.

  • Be aware of how this can impact on children's day-to-day lives.

  • Have a more detailed knowledge of local and national guidance relating to working with families affected by parental mental health problems.

  • Understand their own and other agencies' roles in identifying, assessing and protecting vulnerable children where parental mental health problems are a feature.

Duration: 3 hours 

Cost:  Courses are provided free of charge to non-profit making organisations and CSCP member organisations.  See the LSCB Training Programme and Learning Events Brochurethis external link will open in a new window for more information.

The list of dates :

Thursday 21 January 2021 (10.00am - 1.00pm) - VIA MICROSOFT TEAMS - limited spaces available

Please note further dates will be published 

To book your place on this course please

To book your place, all Cumbria County Council staff log into MyLearning and search for the specific course.  All non-council users are required to log into MyLearning, those that haven't registered already please create a new account, following the guidance on the website. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATON : can all participants please join the meeting 30 minutes before the start time to allow being admitted onto the course

For any queries about the course, please email 

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