CSCP Training and Learning Events

As part of its Learning and Improvement Strategy, the CSCP provides a series of multi-agency safeguarding training and learning events, and opportunities which include core safeguarding training events, specialised courses, along with briefing sessions and conferences.

CSCP multi-agency safeguarding training is offered to staff and volunteers who come into contact with children, young people and/or families.

The training is delivered at different levels and learning events and courses are organised into 3 key areas:

  • Safeguarding Awareness which includes eLearning and safeguarding responsibilities workshops

  • Safeguarding Intermediate which includes multi-agency face-to-face workshops designed to assist multi-agency working

  • Safeguarding  Enhanced/Specialist  which  includes  multi-agency  face-to-face  workshops designed to assist specific staff groups


Training and Learning Events


Learning & Improvement Programme and Strategy

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