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Every Local Authority area has an Independent Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). LSCB’s are responsible for ensuring agencies work together to safeguard children and for testing how effectively this happens. The Cumbria LSCB became The Cumbria Safeguarding Children Partnership (CSCP) on the 29th September 2019

CSCP has fulfilled this role for our local area and has supported local safeguarding arrangements by delivering training, auditing, publishing learning, publishing procedures, undertaking reviews etc. Most of this activity can be seen on this website.

Why have we changed?

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 replaces LSCBs with new local safeguarding arrangements, led by three named statutory safeguarding partners (local authorities, chief officers of police, and NHS clinical commissioning groups). The three partners will assume the responsibilities that sat with the former LSCB. In Cumbria these partners are Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Constabulary, NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group.

The safeguarding partners are required to agree on ways to co-ordinate their safeguarding services; act as a strategic leadership group in supporting and engaging others; and implement local and national learning including from serious child safeguarding incidents.

Information for new arrangements

The new CSCP arrangements were published 27 June 2019. Following large scale consultation the Plan was updated in November.  This documentthis external link will open in a new window sets out how organisations, partnerships and people in Cumbria will move from the preexisting Safeguarding Board arrangements to a new Partnership. It highlights how we will build on emerging strengths and build new opportunities for scrutiny, support and challenge. We believe that we have created a realistic and sustainable model, which will enable a continuing focus on critical safeguarding matters to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. 

Partnership Vision and Values

Our partnership vision is that we will be “Working together to keep Cumbria’s children safe”.

As a partnership we commit to the following shared values which will underpin everything we do: 
  • Learning is promoted and embedded in a way that services for children and families can become more reflective and implement changes to practice. 
  • Practitioners from all agencies working with adults and children work together and share information effectively to facilitate more accurate and timely decision making for children and families. 
  • The lived experience and the voice of children and young people is listened and acted upon at all times. 
  • A ‘Whole-Family’ approach is understood and implemented by all practitioners across the Partnership.
The ‘golden thread’ that runs through all the priorities is...

The voice and lived experience of the child is at the heart of everything we do.

The Partnership Structure

Lead Safeguarding Partners Group 
The Lead Safeguarding Partners Group will be formed of senior responsible officers or their nominated representatives from the three statutory safeguarding partners. 

The Lead Safeguarding Partners Group will meet three times a year to drive forward the work of the CSCP, ensuring the vision is upheld and the priorities are delivered. The Group will review progress, assess strengths and identify areas for development.

CSCP Board
The CSCP Board membership will include the chairs of the partnership sub-groups and chairs of the Locality Safeguarding Groups, the statutory partners as well as the other ‘relevant agencies’ (as detailed in Working Together 2018). In Cumbria this will include representatives from education, health, district councils, criminal justice and the voluntary sector.

The CSCP Board will develop, implement and monitor an annual plan, agree priority actions against core business; and will direct the subgroups in delivery of the plan. It will meet quarterly, with meetings themed around agreed local and national safeguarding priorities and areas identified through data and performance. The group will report to the Lead Safeguarding Partners Group.

Locality Safeguarding Groups
We believe the new arrangements present an opportunity to improve the consistency of our locality response to safeguarding issues. Our new arrangements will establish (on a phased approach) three Locality Safeguarding Groups based on the following locality areas: Allerdale and Copland; Carlisle and Eden; Barrow and South Lakeland. We will be working in consultation with partners to establish how the arrangements will work in practice. 

We will work to ensure that the benefits of these will include: 

  • Ensuring the strategic direction of the Lead Safeguarding Partners Group is informed by local issues. 
  • Facilitating greater ownership and accountability of children’s safeguarding at a locality level. 
  • Greater opportunities for engagement and co-production of locally owned and developed solutions and ideas, with local stakeholders. 
The locality groups will be chaired by a safeguarding partner and be formed of key senior officers from that local area with decision making responsibility, driving practice locally through the partnership.

Partnership Sub Groups 
The Board will be supported to deliver the priorities through a number of countywide partnership sub groups: 

  • Learning and Improvement
  • Child Death Overview Panel
  • Case Review
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education Partnership
  • Complex Safeguarding (Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Children)
  • Early Help
  • Safeguarding Hub Programme Board
  • Radar

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