Children`s Centre Services

0-19 CHILD & FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICE - The Council commissioned a new 0-19 Child and Family Support Service late 2019. This is a different service to the previous Early Help Services 0-12 years. The new service is part of the 0 -19 Child, Young Person and Family Health and Wellbeing System  - which is a system approach across the whole of Cumbria. Through a competitive tender exercise, in line with the Procurement Regulations and the Councils Contract Procedure Rules the new 0 – 19 Child and Family Support Service contracts were awarded to:




Family Action

Barrow –in-Furness





South Lakes

Action for Children

The Contracts are for a duration of 3 years 3 months (starting January 2020) with the option to extend by two periods of 1 year. For further information the new 0-19 Child and Family Support Service click here.

CHILDREN'S CENTRE SERVICES IN CUMBRIA - Information of Children's Centre Services in Cumbria are delivered through commissioned arrangements with Third Sector Providers via Child and Family Support (0 to 19) contracts. You can find out the details of a children's centre in your area by accessing the Children and Family Information Service for Cumberland and Westmorland and Furness.
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