Targeted Youth Support

Early Help in Cumbria develops resilience and independence of families, by supporting them to build on their strengths and encourages them to identify their own solutions and take responsibility for their future. 

Targeted Youth Support contribute to the Early Help Strategy 2017-2021 and Vision by delivering a proportionate response to address the needs of the whole family through the following 3 key headings:

Keeping families together and able to maintain change

  • Co-ordinate/Lead Professional - Initiate and co-ordinate complex Early Help cases
  • Co-ordinate/Lead Professional - Step down to Early Help from Child in Need 
  • Co-ordinate/ Lead Professional - Transfer co-ordination of complex Early Help cases to TYS through the Early Help and Family Support Panels
  • Joint C&F Assessment/screening with Social Workers for those on the threshold of Child in Need and Early Help
  • Contribute to Channel Panels for radicalised young people 

Supported families able to achieve outcomes

  • Co-ordinate Early Help cases

  • Initiate and co-ordinate Early Help cases as a result of a return to home interview 

Resilient families able to help themselves  

  • Return to home interviews  (non-statutory)

  • Step down support and signposting for young people moving from Early Help  to universal

  • Youth participation, youth voice and youth democracy

  • TYS Fire and Rescue – Fire Cadets and Young Firefighters

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