Learning & Improvement Programme and Strategy

Working Together requires that the CSCP maintain a shared local learning and improvement framework across those local organisations working with children and families. 

This local framework covers the full range of single and multi-agency reviews and audits which aim to drive improvements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. CSCP has updated its Learning and Improvement Framework you can see the full framework below.

The training programme seeks to offer a wide, high quality range of courses that provide information on both processes and also researched based learning. The programme covers the basic awareness levels of training that all staff requires and moves through to higher level learning opportunities that challenge professionals belief and values in order to support judgements and assessments that are required to be made.

The training programme is set for a year, it will be evaluated throughout the course of that year to ensure  courses  are  effective,  appropriate  and  reflect  any  issues  or  developments  arising in safeguarding practice.  To see the full programme click on the link below.

Cumbria LSCB Learning & Improvement Frameworkthis external link will open in a new window - UNDER REVIEW

Cumbria LSCB Training Strategy revised September 2017this external link will open in a new window - UNDER REVIEW

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